Shea Butter Unrefined - (4oz or 8oz)
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Shea Butter Unrefined - (4oz or 8oz)

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Our Shea Butter is butter extracted from the African Shea tree. It is widely used as a skin moisturizer, slab or lotion. Shea Butter is awesome for your hair and has anti-inflammatory benefits which could help with reducing scalp redness and irritation. It’s known to heal without irritation. No worries, Shea Butter does not clog pores! It’s one of natures miracles. Safe to use on all types of hair, dry, damaged, color treated, or chemically treated.

Directions: Remove a finger tip amount of Shea Butter from the bottle. Apply the butter directly to your skin. The butter will immediately absorb into your skin providing a smooth texture. Shea Butter is non-greasy, so no worries about an over abundance of oil.